About us

Floorball+ is a Floorball stick brand and hockey development company with a fully integrated resource hub for Floorball players, coaches, refs, schools, teachers, parents, volunteers, leagues, associations +partners

  1. We Train and Educate PE Teachers, Hockey Coaches, and Sport Leaders
  2. We Supply Equipment 
  3. We Develop Leagues and Tournaments with our Partners


What is Floorball?

Floorball is an International Sport born from Floor Hockey originating in Canada and the USA, played Professionally in Hockey Countries; Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and the Czech Republic. 

A Floorball stick is revolutionary for the following reasons:

  1. Gym Friendly - SAFE - Equipment that does not damage gym floors or cause unnecessary injuries.
  2. Low-Cost - All You need is a Stick and Ball to play
  3. Gateway2.Hockey - Floorball is Hockey and it's the very best way to introduce young athletes, in Schools and Rec Centers to wonderful Sport of Hockey.
  4. Teaches Physical Literacy with a full range of dynamic skill building
  5. It's a Great Sport, that All can enjoy.

The Olympic Pathway

The International Floorball Federation oversees the development of the sport globally and is a recognized federation of the International Olympic Committee. Floorball is an Olympic Pathway sport often regarded as the Fastest Growing Team Sport in the World.

What is Floorball+ HKY?

A few years ago, in a effort to grow Floorball, our company Floorball Academy Plus Inc. (FloorballPlus+) designed a curriculum that could be used at Hockey Schools, Community Centers and School Gyms. We call it Floorball+ HKY Training, because it combines all the indoor skill, speed, safety elements of Floorball with training methods for Hockey Players. Floorball + Hockey Training develops Athletes with more agility, fitness, finesse, mobility, creativity, vision, body awareness, and overall hockey skills like; passing, shooting, playmaking.

Floorball+ HKY inspires young athletes to join Floorball leagues that we have set up with our Territory (Franchise) Partners across the Americas, and Asia.


Floorball+ is on a mission to re-invent and re-energize indoor/outdoor hockey- Off-Ice.

We are passionate patrons of Hockey that wish to make this beautiful team sport, more accessible, more affordable, safer, faster and more exciting.

Floorball+ Hockey, Floorball+ Schools, Floorball+ Community, Floorball+ Athletes, Floorball+ Environment are all sectors close to home for us.

Floorball+ creates learning tools for emerging Floorball nations, organizations, user groups and clubs.

Floorball+ develops programs and solutions that enable Floorball to grow in your community.

Floorball+ delivers the highest quality equipment through the most trusted sources, matched carefully to your needs and programs.

Floorball+ is dedicated to taking action in communities, to change lives through modern sport education, and to share the greatest elements of the greatest sport with the greatest amount of people, everywhere. 


Team FloorballPlus+:

Head Office Canada:

Floorball Academy Plus Inc.
272 1st St East, North Vancouver, BC V7L1B3

info@floorballplus.com   |   778.385.7825