PureAir - The playmaker stick

PureAir - The playmaker stick

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PureAir is made for the all-rounder. You get involved in all aspects of the game. Shooting, passing, blocking and helping inspire your team to give their all. With the help of our Air blade you'll be able to maximize the pace of both shots and passes to take your game to the next level. Show those around you how PURE your game truly is.

The new EXEL PureAir floorball stick with AIR blade and T-3 wrap grip.

Excellent round composite shaft for flex and strength. T-3 wrap grip, for increased tackiness. Outstanding absorption and feel. The AIR blade is perfect for the all-rounder.

Shaft: White and neon orange composite shaft

Blade: Neon orange AIR-Blade

Grip: T-3 Wrap grip

Size: 10.0 and 9.0, see sizing below.