Our story

For many years, we have watched from the sidelines two very different approaches:

The Canadian Team focusing on a grow local strategy, building from U19 Canadian grown Ice Hockey players that develop a passion for Floorball at a hockey academy or with their Hockey friends.  Yes, they have European leadership and a well placed handful of European players hailing from Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.  The Canadian team is built from a nucleus of players from Hamilton, Ottawa and Montreal.  We see a challenging scenario of bringing all the strongest Floorball talent together, and thus a failure to unify the east, central, and west parts of Canada.

In the west, we have seen the Pavel Barber effect create a brand new surge in interest to play competitive Floorball and now we, FloorballPlus+,  will work with the National Teams to create a tryout structure that is fair and balanced.  Barber is actually from Toronto, but lives in Vancouver.  His following on Social media is made up of hockey players, young and old.  They see the Floorball+ HKY Training system that Barber deploys at various hockey schools, and a genuine love for Floorball is being cultivated, through his fan base.